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The Real Estate Diplomant

“The Future of Real Estate: Crypto, Blockchain, and Global Security with Nelson Rosario”

Welcome to this week’s episode of The Real Estate Diplomat. This episode was recorded on March 8, 2023, just a few days prior to the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank. Many elements of this conversation lend more credence to the idea of crypto becoming a backstop currency, whether it be due to financial instability or global conflict. On today’s show, we sit down with Nelson Rosario, founder and partner at Rosario Tech Law, LLC. Nelson works with clients in the cryptocurrency industry and other emerging technology industries on legal issues related to property, privacy, and power.

Law of Code Podcast

“Nelson Rosario on zk proofs, DAOs, liability and regulation”

Nelson Rosario (@NelsonMRosario) is an attorney in Chicago, IL, USA, and the founder of Rosario Tech Law whose interests comprise law, innovation, cryptocurrencies and related blockchain based technologies. Nelson teaches a law school class “Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, and the Law,” at Chicago-Kent College of Law, and has been a visiting professor at IE Law School based in Madrid, Spain.

Technically Legal Podcast

“Crypto Lawyer Nelson Rosario on the Legal, Regulatory and Political Implications of Blockchain Technology” This episode was a wide ranging discussion with Chad Main discussing blockchain, crypto, regulation, politics, and the law.
Crypto Lawyer Nelson Rosario on the Legal, Regulatory and Political Implications of Blockchain Technology

Law of Code Podcast

“Nelson Rosario: The Intersection of Intellectual Property & NFTs”

In this episode of Law of Code, Nelson and Jacob discuss IP and copyright, SpiceDAO, and what the future holds for NFTs. [1:57] What sold Nelson on blockchain [11:35] Why IP law is so important [14:40] NFT & IP concerns people are overlooking [18:00] Spice DAO [25:40] The future of copyright in a digital world [32:15] Benefits of open-source IP

[38:43] Answering novel legal questions [43:27] Starting Rosario Tech Law [49:42] Nelson’s love for Chicago [53:46] What habits make a great lawyer?

The Encrypted Economy Podcast

“NFT’s: You Get What You Get and You Don’t Get Upset, Nelson Rosario”

As an accomplished attorney with expertise in the cross section of digital assets and intellectual property, Nelson joins us to give his perspective on NFTs and the legal issues surrounding them.

NFT’s: You Get What You Get and You Don’t Get Upset, Nelson Rosario, Principal at Smolinski Rosario Law – E42

A Random Walk with Ben Kohlmann Podcast

“Bitcoin and the future of money (Nelson Rosario)”

Lawyer and law professor Nelson Rosario joins us to explore these topics.

His fascination with the topic led him to create one of the first law school classes exploring digital currencies. In this episode, we explore: +What bitcoin and digital currencies are

+Who is investing in and using these currencies

+What money is – and what it says about society

+The regulatory and legal challenges posed by Bitcoin

HodlCast Podcast

“IP & Crypto, Blockchain Voting, & Token Safe Harbor”

Nelson and I discussed the intersection of Intellectual Property Law and Crypto, the potential implication of patent trolls in the Blockchain world, the challenges of decentralized identity as applied to Blockchain voting, and Hester Peirce proposal for a token safe harbor.

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