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“YP Nexus: Crypto and the Future of Currency” via the Chicago Council on Global Affairs – April 27, 2022

Partner Nelson Rosario moderates a discussion with Crypto journalist Laura Shin to outline the history, current market capitalization, global economic impact, and future of cryptocurrency.

“Coindesk LIVE: Inside the Kik Controversy” via Coindesk – August 7, 2019

Partner Nelson Rosario discusses with CoinDesk Live the Kik token controversy and corresponding litigation and what it may mean for token fundraising.  

“I’m Just a Truth Machine (And I Won’t Work for Nobody But You)” at Block(Legal)Tech Conference – October 24, 2019

Partner Nelson Rosario interviews journalist, executive, and author Michael J. Casey about his journey into the world of cryptocurrency and where things may be heading.

“Make a Marmot Out of Me: Crypto Musings and Twitter” at Block(Legal)Tech Conference – August 9, 2018

Partner Nelson Rosario interviews cryptolawyer and industry veteran Preston Byrne about the growth in the crypto industry and considerations for industry players.

“Blockchain and Patents” at the Fin(Legal)Tech Conference – November 4, 2016

Partner Nelson Rosario shares research on the number of patent filings related to blockchain and the significance of those filings and what they may mean for the future of the space.

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