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Politics has been the primary concern for the blockchain industry in 2023. The industry has been marred by scandals, indictments, and self-inflicted wounds. Elected officials around the USA and elsewhere have taken note and a variety of bills and regulatory actions have been discussed and proposed.

In the spirit of the times, the following is a list of some of the organizations that take up advocacy on behalf of the blockchain industry. The form of that advocacy may vary from organization to organization, but the intent is the same: advance the industry into the mainstream. The list is very likely not complete, but it is a start. Additionally, some of the data may not be accurate, in particular, the funding data for each organization may be out of date, or not include new funding.

General Notes:

  • Information obtained from these sources (in order of priority): (1) Organization website, (2) corporate filings, (3) FEC filings for PACs, (4) Third party information services, (5) social media accounts.
Blockchain Lobby Group Location Year Founded For-Profit? Major Funders
American Blockchain PAC Washington, D.C. May 17, 2021[1] N ·        Self-funded

·        Looksmart Group

Association of Blockchain Legal Professionals New York, NY October 10, 2018[2] N ·        (Unknown)
Blockchain Advocacy Coalition LLC Sacramento, California[3] September 25 2018[4] N ·        (Unknown)
Blockchain Alliance Singapore[5] 2018[6] N ·        Chamber of Digital Commerce

·        Coin Center

Blockchain Association Washington, D.C. July 26, 2018[7] N ·        Filecoin Foundation

·        Digital Currency Group

·        Kraken

Chamber of Digital Commerce Washington, D.C.[8] June 24, 2014[9] N ·        List of members on website
Coin Center Washington, D.C. March 2, 2015[10] N ·        Ethereum Foundation

·        ConsenSys

·        OB1

·        ShapeShift

·        Abra

·        Bitso

·        Ripple

Crypto Council for Innovation Washington, D.C.;

San Francisco, CA;

New York, NY;

Denver, CO;



Hong Kong

April 2021 N ·        Paradigm

·        Coinbase

·        Fidelity Digital Assets

·        Block (Square)


Crypto Freedom PAC Washington, D.C. June 9, 2022[11] N ·        Club for Growth Action

·        Susquehanna International Group

Crypto Innovation PAC Alexandria, VA Feb 16, 2022[12] N ·        GMI PAC

·        Blockchain Capital LLC

·        Skybridge Capital

CryptoPAC Beverly, MA Sept 24, 2021[13] N ·        Helping Elect the Next Generation PAC
DeFi Education Fund Washington, D.C. June 3, 2021­­[14] N ·        1 Million UNI donated from UNI-governance (UNIswap protocol)
Global Digital Asset Cryptocurrency Association Chicago, IL 2020[16] N
HODL PAC Washington, D.C. January 2020[18] N ·        Wicklow Capital

·        Serenity Investments

·        DeFi Education Fund

·        Blockchain Association

·        Winklevoss Capital

·        Polychain Capital

·        Coinbase

Union Square Ventures

International Blockchain Alliance New York, NY October 16, 2019[19] N (Unknown)
Proof of Stake Alliance Washington, D.C. June 25, 2018[20] N ·        TQtezos

·        Interchain Foundation (Cosmos)

·        Polychain Labs

·        Harmony; Enigma

·        Kava

·        Battlestar Capital

·        EON Staking

·        Blockfolio

·        Lukka

·        Cole-Frieman & Mallon LLP


Satoshi Action Fund[21] Oxford, Mississippi Feb 8, 2019[22] N (Unknown)
Wall Street Blockchain Alliance New York, NY[23] 2015[24] N 9 partnerships[25]


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  • Partner Nelson Rosario is an Observer Member of the Global Blockchain Business Council
  • Rosario Tech Law, LLC is a Member of the Global Digital Asset Cryptocurrency Association


The material contained in this post is provided for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice nor in any way may it constitute an attorney-client relationship. The views expressed are those of the author and are not to be attributed to Rosario Tech Law, LLC or any of its clients. Always seek legal counsel prior to taking any actions based upon any information contained herein.

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