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Making Music NFTs

Since Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) have hit the mainstream, creators of all types have been looking for new and exciting ways to use this technology. One of the most promising applications of NFTs being explored is the implementation of music. Music is typically comprised of several separable parts, the sound recording (or phonorecord), the composition, and the…

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NFT Academic Research

Academic research into NFTs is starting to grow as the space evolves and more and more money flows into the space. Recent research highlights two issues that frequently come up for non-fungible token holders, creators, and platforms: what kind of property are they? and what are the copyright vulnerabilities associated with NFTs? The first bit of…

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Metaverse Patents

The "metaverse" is the hottest ticket in town these days despite the fact there is no single definition of what constitutes the metaverse. Putting aside the definitional matter, there is a lot of money flowing into metaverse projects, which for better or worse means there are metaverse patents. Now of course, if no one knows exactly what…

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Right of Publicity Language in NFT Marketplace Terms of Service

Right of publicity is one of the many intellectual property concerns associated with non-fungible tokens. It is the protection against a commercial use of someone’s name, likeness, or persona without their permission. While there is no federal law governing right of publicity, several states have common law causes of action or formal legislation granting such…

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