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Speaking at Consensus 2022

Partner Nelson M. Rosario will be speaking at the Consensus 2022 Festival presented by CoinDesk in Austin, Texas on June 10, 2022. Rosario will be speaking on a panel entitled "Where is…

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NFT Academic Research

Academic research into NFTs is starting to grow as the space evolves and more and more money flows into the space. Recent research highlights two issues that frequently come up…

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Metaverse Patents

The "metaverse" is the hottest ticket in town these days despite the fact there is no single definition of what constitutes the metaverse. Putting aside the definitional matter, there is a…

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Cryptocurrency and Geopolitics

The events unfolding in Ukraine include the Ukrainian government soliciting donations in the form of cryptocurrency for their defense effort. This overt involvement of cryptocurrency in an event of such geopolitical…

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